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7 Mar

I’m a day or two behind for this week’s ground story (Glossop North End vs. Barnoldswick Town) due to a weekend without football, so I just wanted to give everybody a heads up on a small feature.

This website has been getting a lot of visitors for people finding out about the teams I’ve seen. I know fans of the clubs do read this blog (for which we thank you!), so I’m wanting you to contribute.

I’d love to get fans to write about their club. I can write 200 words on the history of Bradford Park Avenue or Llandudno, but not a fan of neither of these teams I couldn’t talk about them as well as fans of them do. My writing would be dry, your writing will be interesting and amazing.

Any team in the “teams” section is open to contributions – as well as links and promotion to any website of contributors. As these pages are getting a bit of traffic, then it’s a great way to get visitors to your website.

To contribute (both either in terms of experiences at football matches or for each of these teams) please see the Write for Us Page.

Thank you!

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Rhys Wynne is the editor & creator of You're Supposed To Be At Home. For his sins, he is a Colwyn Bay & Liverpool fan, and a serial blog creator. You can follow Rhys on twitter here.

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