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30 May

This blog is going to be quiet for a couple of weeks. That’s not unheard of. What is unheard of is that I’m also on a bit of a Twitter and Facebook hiatus, for my annual holiday.

Yes I’m heading to the land of the free, the United States of America (with a small stop off in Canada). As well as seeing some sights and eating some wonderful food, I’m seeing some great sporting action. It’s not quite as impressive itinerary as it used to be, but still pretty good.

My itinerary. Yes I used spreadsheets for it.

At the moment, what’s definite is the New York Red Bulls, WWE Raw, The New York Yankees & Chicago White Sox. All those tickets (ash cloud permitting) are booked. But as you can see, I’ve a bunch of days where plans are up in the air. I’ve seen a fair bit of New York, so not sure how much of it I need to see again.

With that said, does anybody know of any sports occuring in the days that I’ve got free? Curious to see things and explore teams that aren’t exactly the most well known.

Don’t know anybody but still want to help? I could use a few more guest blog posts, so if you want to help, please do – click here to write for us!

Cheers everybody, and see you in 3 weeks!


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