Non League Day 2011 – 3rd September 2011

1 Sep

Wanted to break from the regular scheduled programme to tell you about Non League Day. The second annual Non League Day takes place tomorrow, with games all over the country. For those of you who are familiar with Non League Day, it’s an event where you go and watch a game – any game, from the Football Conference down. The reason being that this weekend there is no football taking place in the top two flights in English football. As such, Non League Day is encouraging people to go and watch non league football in their community.

Okay the football quality isn’t the best, but the game isn’t about that, it’s about watching football up close, meeting friends and supporting the community. A lot of clubs at non league level support the local community, so if you can help them, that is fantastic. It’s hard to put into words why I love non-league football, but you get a level of football with passion not seen higher up the leagues.

Unfortunately, I can’t be there on Saturday at my chosen game (Droylesden vs Colwyn Bay), but you can be. There are games all over the country (see the map), and if you go, I’d love for you to tell us about it & write about the game for us.

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