The Trafford Centre, Manchester

1 Apr

Cash Spent – £160.23

Items Bought – 3

31st March 2012

One thing you will notice about me on twitter is that I have a bot. Don’t complain, but every so often it digs up an old post from the archives, and posts it to the twitter feed. It works quite well and gives me a little more traffic. Anyway, I tried version two of the plugin, which allowed me to tweet about a football match (in my case, Gainsborough Trinity vs Colwyn Bay) effectively without actually being there. You see, one of my friends (April) asked me if I’d accompany her to the Trafford Centre, Manchester’s premier shopping outlet. Walking around a shopping centre with my fashion concious bretheren, how could I possibly refuse?

I woke up at 6am, excitingly waiting for the 2:10pm tram from Old Trafford to Stretford, I was so looking forward to my visit to the Trafford Centre with April. The 8 hours before setting off dragged, as watching Saturday Kitchen and then Football Focus just seemed to slow down the march of time. Eventually, after a light lunch of Ryvita & Cream Cheese, we headed off to the Trafford Centre.

The centre kindly puts on a bus between Stretford Metrolink & The Trafford Centre, so we hopped on the bus and entred the centre through Selfridges. What a heavenly place, with everybody looking around for clothes and shoes to purchase. Apologies to the Llanelian Road main stand on a Satruday afternoon in May, but I’ve found my new heaven.

We browsed around the shops mutliple times and didn’t get bored, it was fantastic! We headed around Hollister, which despite reports to the contrary, was not full of bellends, Topshop (Twice), Burtons (Three Times), All Saints (Five times) and H&M – before spending a good hour looking around the Lacoste Shop, which is easily my favourite. The walk was aided by ample cash machines from where I could draw out my money, and plenty of places to get light refreshments.

I needed something more substansial, so headed to the Great Hall for some food. After picking up my favourite food (who could turn down a McDonalds?), we sat down to discuss the day over a gorgeous burger and chips. What made it better was that with a promotion I also won a free apple pie! What are the chances?

With a celebration in the air we decided to not go home just yet, so we headed to the amusement arcade for a game of Dancing Stage Euromix. With classic tracks such as Mambo No 5 and Boyzone’s “So Good”, it ate a fair few of our collective pound coins. We had just enough left to go to the Odeon Cinema, buy some popcorn, and enjoy a romantic comedy – my favourite type of film! It was laugh out loud funny yet so sad, and in the end I wasn’t sure my tears were of joy or laughter. Fantastic!

Tired, we left the Trafford Centre, and I was left to reflect on the day. I am so glad I didn’t go to Gainsborough Trinity vs Colwyn Bay, as non- league football has nothing on the Trafford Centre. Those who say it’s a soulless attempt at rampant commercialism are sadly mistaken. Go as soon as you can!

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