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You’re Supposed To Be At Home’s American Adventure

30 May

This blog is going to be quiet for a couple of weeks. That’s not unheard of. What is unheard of is that I’m also on a bit of a Twitter and Facebook hiatus, for my annual holiday.

Yes I’m heading to the land of the free, the United States of America (with a small stop off in Canada). As well as seeing some sights and eating some wonderful food, I’m seeing some great sporting action. It’s not quite as impressive itinerary as it used to be, but still pretty good.

My itinerary. Yes I used spreadsheets for it.

At the moment, what’s definite is the New York Red Bulls, WWE Raw, The New York Yankees & Chicago White Sox. All those tickets (ash cloud permitting) are booked. But as you can see, I’ve a bunch of days where plans are up in the air. I’ve seen a fair bit of New York, so not sure how much of it I need to see again.

With that said, does anybody know of any sports occuring in the days that I’ve got free? Curious to see things and explore teams that aren’t exactly the most well known.

Don’t know anybody but still want to help? I could use a few more guest blog posts, so if you want to help, please do – click here to write for us!

Cheers everybody, and see you in 3 weeks!


End of Season 2010-2011

10 May

So ends the first season of You’re Supposed To Be At Home!

This blog began in the gardens of The Swan & Cemetery, Bury before Colwyn Bay‘s game against FC United. I had recently returned from travels around Europe and was telling my fellow seagulls about the trip, where one said “You really should start a blog on it!”. Two months on-and-off grafting and a few bob spent on a domain name, and You’re Supposed To Be At Home was born. It seemed fitting that the FC United vs Colwyn Bay FA Trophy game was the first game to cover.

At the time, I didn’t expect to cover that there’d be one other game to cover between the two sides, but at the end of the season, I did. Evostik Premier Playoffs Final, where Colwyn Bay won and gained promotion into the Conference North.

For this blog, this is a good thing, as a whole new section of grounds to visit next year and a lot of content. But for me, this has been probably my busiest season. I’ve counted 28 games seen live (with an extra one abandoned), across 22 grounds, 10 competitions and 4 countries. I’ve one game already planned (more on that soon enough), another one on the cards and a few other sports I’ll likely cover as well.

But what of this blog for the close season? I’m already clamouring for friendlies, and there are a few games I’ve written match reports which I’ve yet to add (including a 0-0 draw at Burscough, our trip to Buxton, Woodley Sports vs Chester City, a trip to a fan club in Manchester that’s not FC United amongst others), but may save them when I’m forced to go to Ikea or something.

So, on that note, I’ll throw this open to you. What do you think I should do during the close season?

  • Leave it quiet for the close season, interacting with Facebook & Twitter?
  • Accept Guest posts? I do already accept guest posts, but don’t really whore myself out on them. But if anybody fancies posting about a ground or a match you’ve been to – get in touch!
  • Post the match reports?

Let me know!

In the meantime, I’ve a few posts written on various things, which I will post – so it won’t be completely quiet during the close season. If you haven’t already: like me on Facebook and follow me on Twitter.

Roll on the friendlies!


Write About Your Team!

7 Mar

I’m a day or two behind for this week’s ground story (Glossop North End vs. Barnoldswick Town) due to a weekend without football, so I just wanted to give everybody a heads up on a small feature.

This website has been getting a lot of visitors for people finding out about the teams I’ve seen. I know fans of the clubs do read this blog (for which we thank you!), so I’m wanting you to contribute.

I’d love to get fans to write about their club. I can write 200 words on the history of Bradford Park Avenue or Llandudno, but not a fan of neither of these teams I couldn’t talk about them as well as fans of them do. My writing would be dry, your writing will be interesting and amazing.

Any team in the “teams” section is open to contributions – as well as links and promotion to any website of contributors. As these pages are getting a bit of traffic, then it’s a great way to get visitors to your website.

To contribute (both either in terms of experiences at football matches or for each of these teams) please see the Write for Us Page.

Thank you!


6 Jan

Shea Stadium, New York, Summer 2008

Welcome to “You’re Supposed To Be At Home!” (dot com).

I think that one of the things that brings nations & groups of people together is sport. I’m lucky to have seen many sporting events, from baseball in New York to Sumo Wrestling in Japan.

This blog will chronicle future travels & sporting events.

I’ll be honest, most of this will be abou football, and more specifically – the trials & tribulations of Colwyn Bay FC, but I’ll interject this with stories of all the events I’ve beeen to.

Feel free to contribute! I’m accepting guest posts. You can see them here.

In the meantime, subscribe in the best way you can (RSS, Email, Twitter or Facebook), or just enjoy the blog posts.

All the best!