The Olympic Games

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The Olympic Games Memorabilia

Eton Dorney, Buckinghamshire

22 Aug

The Olympic Games, Canoe Sprint Finals – 9th August 2012 So my Olympic adventure came to an end at a place where Britain had so much success – Eton Dorney. Although the rowing was almost a distant memory, the action continued on the purpose built lake for the Olympics – Eton Dorney was the venue […]

The Olympic Park – London

13 Aug

Iceland – 33 Hungary – 34 The Olympic Games, Handball Quarter-Finals – 8th August 2012 From the day that the Olympic Games was announced to be held in London, I knew I was going. Come hell or high water, I was going. Admittedly, I had visions of watching the Athletics, seeing Justin Gatlin defend his […]

Old Trafford – The Olympic Games Football

30 Jul

Egypt – 1 New Zealand – 1 & Brazil – 3 Belarus – 1 The Olympic Games Football, Group C Matches – 29th July 2012 So after 7 years, the Olympic Games are finally here. If you were to believe the press coverage leading up to the XXX Olympiad (I like calling it that), you’d […]