TNA Wrestling

TNA Wrestling
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TNA Wrestling Memorabilia

Manchester Evening News Arena – TNA Maximum Impact IV

30 Jan

27th January 2012 Another ranty post! The target? Ticketmaster. Last week, one of the highlights of my year occurred. The annual trip to watch the action of TNA Wrestling in Manchester. I’ve gone for the last 3 years, and this year would be special – we got aisle side seats as we had the option […]

TNA Maximum Impact Tour 2011 – Manchester Evening News Arena

21 Mar

TNA Wrestling 28th January 2011 I was a wreck. Stupidly I went out the night before TNA’s tour date in Manchester. This was beginning to be known as the tour from hell. Two injuries to a top talent, one of the replacements (Kurt Angle) having to leave the tour to be with his new baby, […]