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Vodafone VIP Formula 1 Experience – Deansgate, Manchester

29 Aug

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend everybody! This weekend, as well as watching Colwyn Bay vs Guiseley at Guiseley (we won’t talk too much about that!), I also attended the Vodafone VIP Formula 1 Experience, in Manchester.

For this event, they shut down a section of the city centre so very fast cars that smell and sound fantastic could drive incredibly fast down the streets in Manchester in what was the most blatant disregards for laws seen since the Riots. Leading the “racing” was former world champion Jenson Button, who races in McClaren Mercedes car, who are sponsored by Vodafone.

I headed down the day before the race to check out the setting up, in particular the Vodafone VIP Area which had fun things to do such as sit in a real F1 car, a driving simulator and Go Karting (which I never saw on, I suspect the weather was poor). The next day we (myself and @KattDandy) headed down to see the cars.

We arrived at the ungodly hour at 10am, 2 hours before the car runs began, to get ourself a decent spot, which was right near the end of the course. After 12, and a few cars had already passed down the course, we saw Jenson Button driving the McLaren MP4-12c high performance sports car. It was a nice car, a very nice car. Seeing it was incredible but not really special. Was great though seeing Jenson up close.


After a quick (read an hour or so) turnaround we got to see the main event, Jenson Button driving the MP4-23 F1 Car. The noise was incredible! He drove past four times, producing a smell of rubber, a deafening noise and an adrenaline rush every single time he passed.


After 4 runs, Jenson was treated to a little break before 3 more runs. We were lucky as we were passing the Vodafone VIP area when this was announced. As a Vodafone customer, I was let in to take a few more photos. Jenson’s last two runs were great, as he stalled a couple of times. He’s human, after all.


I must confess I’m not a huge petrolhead, I have only a passing interest in F1, and I loved it. Perfect way to spend a Bank Holiday afternoon!

Further Photos Are Available on The You’re Supposed To Be At Home Facebook Page.